Thursday, December 29, 2016

Racing Resolutions for 2017

I’ve become a believer in setting goals, changing habits instead of resolutions for the New Year, but “resolutions” is something that resonates with more people, and this is more of a resolution list. Let’s just start…

1.    Take in at least one race as a fan in the stands. For the better part of 20 years I haven’t just sat in the stands to watch a race. I can only think of 1 other time in that span and that was before I was married, 17 years ago. Any other race I’ve watched from the pits or the scoring tower or the announcer’s booth or the infield. Time to sit down in the bleachers and catch a few shows.
2.    Take my son to the races! I started going to races earlier than my 6-year-old son, it’s time to rectify that, big time. Obviously, I can combine that with number 1.
3.    Visit one new track. I’ve been to Eagle, I-80, the late Butler County Speedway, Beatrice, Junction Motor Speedway. Time for something new. Perhaps a trip up to the new Off-Road Speedway in Norfolk, catch a show out west, or down in Kansas. Try one new track.
4.    Visit a track I haven’t been to in a while. My last trip to Knoxville was 2008. Yeah. But other candidates are the revitalized Jackson Motorplex in Minnesota, US-30 in Columbus, and maybe next year’s Chili Bowl (close enough).
5.    Watch a pay per view or attend a World of Outlaws show. As a sprint car fan the World of Outlaws is the Formula One of dirt track racing. But I haven’t seen the show justifying the expense. I should at least watch a show and get a feel for the program again.
6.    Attend (as a fan or photographer) a non-sprint special event. Silver Dollar Nationals at I-80, Knoxville Late Model Nationals, a major stock car or modified show, something different.
7.    One night photographing non-action. No infield single car shots allowed. Something away from the show. Years ago, I got a challenge to “shoot racing without a car.” That’s tough, but it’s time to take up some form of the challenge.
8.    Write some blog stories about personalities about the show. You’ve heard my opinion. It’s time for some others to have a say.

So that’s where I stand. I plan to keep all these resolutions. They’re easy enough, right? Let’s break some old habits.


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