Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Epilogue and a Preview

It’s been nearly 3 years since I shut down the blog. Time and work commitments, interests that laid elsewhere (and fit in my schedule) and a little burnout guided me to take a hiatus from the site.

Since then, my son has grown, some priorities have changed and I’ve grown a renewed interest in the soul of the racing program. I never left the racing scene entirely; my Facebook page is loaded with photos. Still keep in touch with many of the racing community and will start looking for opportunities to use my talents for the good of the program.

I now have time and desire to continue forward, and one thing that never left was friendships. Granted, maybe I saw people less often, but I like to think I still maintained my bond with them, even if it was only 8-10 times in a year instead of 16-20.

I had lunch with my friend Gary Dominguez this weekend discussing life, the universe and racing stuff when he asked if I would consider bringing back the blog.

I’m also looking for a career…change…I guess, and one of the things I’d like to do as part of the job is writing. I love to write. Haven’t done nearly enough for the past two years. But it’s tough to write without a subject.

Hmmm. Racing is a subject.

So, in 2017 (or sooner?) I’m going to bring back Heartland RaceNews.com. Probably change the look, change the content (more photos, and other such), try for some long-form writing like editorials and other stories add a social media component and whatever I see fit. Will probably integrate it to social media.

I’m excited to get back into it. Times and the way media is disseminated have changed monumentally since I started this in 2006. (Ten years ago? Wow).

But yeah, it’s happening. Looking forward to seeing you at the track.


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