Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 Nebraska 360 Sprint Schedule

The Nebraska 360 Sprint Series released their 2014 schedule. All dates are tentative.

April 11th (Friday) Interstate Raceway Park Jefferson SD
May 10th (Saturday) Butler County Speedway Rising City. NE (co NCRA)
May 24th (Saturday) Butler County Speedway Rising City, NE
May 25th (Sunday) I-80 Speedway Greenwood , NE
June 14th (Saturday) Junction Motor Speedway McCool Junction, NE
June 27th (Friday) I-80 speedway (As part of the annual Alphabet Soup race ) Greenwood, NE
June 28th (Saturday) Butler County Speedway Rising City, NE
July 12th (Saturday) Butler County Speedway Rising City, NE (co NCRA)
July 13th(Sunday) Boone County Fairgrounds Albion, NE
July 17th(Thursday) I-80 Speedway Greenwood, NE
July 24th (Thursday) Crawford County Fair Dennison, IA
July 26th (Saturday) Butler County Speedway Rising City, NE
Aug 16th TBA
August 31st (Sunday) I-80 Speedway Greenwood, NE
Oct 11th(Saturday) I-80 Speedway Greenwood NE


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