Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Done. For Real This Time.

After 7+ years of this blog, I’ve decided to call it quits. As you can see from the archives, my posting frequency has dropped, even considering I quit posting results after 2007.

A few things have come into play:

1. My interest in maintaining this site has waned to the point where I’m just no longer interested. I’ve had to make choices in where I spend my time, and that time is finite. My pulls from other interests outweigh the interest I have in keeping this site up. I have interest in racing in general, but not to the level I need to fill this site with meaningful content. I care about a few classes, and a few folks, but damn if I could tell you anything about the World of Outlaws, Knoxville, etc. I pay attention to none of it. My frequency of attendance has dropped to where I find few talking points.

And because of that...

2. I really can’t speak with much authority on the subject. That hasn’t stopped 90% of people on the internet, but I felt that one thing I had was some credibility in what I wrote because I tried to speak from a position of experience. The thing is, I haven’t been there/done that in years now, and my social connections in the sport are strong, but few. It would hard to be objective with a limited viewpoint.

3. My interest in photography used to be satiated by my weekly trips to the track. Those that know me know I’m VERY passionate about the art of photography as a whole (racing and non racing), as much as some people are driven by excelling behind the wheel or the competition on track. However, I also wish to do other photo projects - the only time I’ll have for that overlaps most races, too. I can’t be in two places at once. 

I also am cultivating new interests and plan on exercising some creativity there as well.

It’s not that this hasn’t already been known, and I'm not getting out of racing entirely, but I just wanted to formally put the “closed” sign up to let those still reading know there’s nothing new coming for now. I do plan on hitting some races 2-3 times a month, and I plan on maybe putting my takes up on a message board, or other avenues, but for now, this site will go dormant. I do plan on getting old photos archived into the Google environment for posterity’s sake.

To everyone that read, commented, and talked to me in person, thank you so much. I appreciated every bit of it.

- Jason


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